Friday, December 20, 2013

The reindeer treadmill

The reindeer at the Merry Christmas village are very health conscious. I joke with them on how they like to eat candy canes all the time, but I know they like vegetables just as much, especially carrots. They often are at practice as they hone their flying skills (not to mention the very robust air-ball games they play while flying). Yet, on the ground they also have a daily exercise routine that involves all kinds of fun activities. Recently, the elves built a very large treadmill inside reindeer exercise center. The elves installed some large screen televisions so the reindeer could watch their favorite TV programs or DVD movies as they walked on the treadmill. This treadmill was very large and 10 reindeer could easily walk on it together. They asked me to join them in a group exercise on this new treadmill. I was very amazed because the floor of this treadmill is made of real green grass! It’s like walking on a large moving soccer field. Now this is the kind of treadmill I could get used to!

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