Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa's Sleigh Practice Flights

The elves are beginning to take more and more practice flights with the reindeer. The take-offs and landings are so important because we have to be careful on the roofs of so many homes. Practice is very important! Elf McJenny had loaded the sleigh full of sand bags to simulate the extra weight for when we are loaded up with toys and other wonderful presents on Christmas Eve. Elf McJenny was in the back of the sleigh with Elf Ephem, who was along for the ride as an observer. Pilot Elf Eloise was at the reins steering the reindeer. She took the reindeer quickly up to 10,000 feet and they performed a very sharp banking U-turn. Unfortunately, one of the sandbags came loose during this turn and fell out of the sleigh! Elf McJenny didn’t panic for she signaled to Rudolph and pointed to the falling sandbag, and she also yelled to Elf Eloise what had happened. Rudolph and Eloise immediately put the reindeer and sleigh into a steep dive. They were going extremely fast straight down but they caught up to the falling sandbag, and Elf McJenny was able to reach out and grab it in mid-fall! It was an amazing stunt!

When they landed they realized they had forgotten about Elf Ephem! They found him shaking underneath the seat with a look of terrible fright on his face. This was his first flight in the Merry Christmas sleigh, and I think he’s volunteering to stay on the ground for a while! But for now he sure has a great adventure to talk about!

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