Saturday, December 21, 2013

Merry Christmas Village Penguins

Kids often write and ask me about our resident penguins. I understand children’s curiosity since most penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere. However, the reindeer up here are so friendly that they easily make friends with all animals of the earth. Once the reindeer found out that penguins were experts at tobogganing they knew they had to invite penguin to become residents at the Merry-Christmas village. I’m so happy to have the penguins here – they are so fun to watch! I didn’t realize how fast these penguins could go as they slide down our mountain slopes on their bellies. And when they have races it’s often a penguin that wins.

One thing the penguins like to do is change their colors. All penguins have a white underside and a mostly black upperside. But during the Christmas season the penguins will surprise everyone by coloring themselves bright colors such as green and red. Some even put red stripes on their belly so they look like a waddling candy cane – it is so hilarious! What makes our penguins really unique are they way they can sing together. They have beautiful singing voices and we look forward to hearing them perform during the many concerts we have at the village

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