Monday, December 23, 2013

Getting Santa's Sleigh Ready

I can’t believe all the activity at the Merry Christmas Village! The elfins are moving so fast that they seem to be in a blur and I feel like I’m standing still. This is the best time of the year, however because I can really feel the excitement. I can especially tell from the many letters that children are sending that most everyone is anxious for Christmas! 

To add to the excitement we’ve been singing a lot of Christmas songs too. Mrs. Claus has chosen the Silver Streak sleigh for toy deliveries this year. The elves are now polishing the skis and putting in the new GPS electronics. Elf Chinn said he will soon start filling the sleigh full of presents. By Christmas Eve he will have double-checked in all the toys. To begin, we’ll move the sleigh into the Village’s Toy Barn. There is a big platform that we set the sleigh on that makes it easier to load the sleigh. Plus, it’s nice and warm in here too! 

I’ve asked the elves to add some of these new bright red-colored LED lights. I understand these lights will really help light up the sky as we’re flying over towns and cities – plus, it will help pilots from all the aircraft we see and pass to know where we are – and where we are heading! You should look for flashing red lights in the sky Christmas Eve night– you never know!

While you are waiting for me to show up you can go to my Official Christmas Website at!

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