Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve is Here I'm On My Way!

Today is the day! I hope you’re ready for Christmas! I sure am! 

I’m up in the air as I write this blog, and we’re speeding South at a blinding speed! The elves have fitted this sleigh with all kinds of electronics, and there are hundreds of blinking lights. Plus, these newer glowing instruments on the dashboard is like a symphony of colors! It doesn’t really matter though, it’s ultimately the reindeer who know the route and who I trust to get me where I'm going– all the gizmos in the world can’t beat reindeer intuition and guidance!

It has been such a flurry of activity! I was so forgetful that I had forgotten to kiss Mrs. Claus good-by;  when we took off we had to make a 180 degree turn for a quick landing – I received a nice kiss and warm hug, plus the elves managed to squeeze an extra thermos of hot chocolate on board. Mrs. Claus told me to be careful - wear my hat and gloves, and don't eat to many cookies!

The reindeer really look sharp. They were carefully groomed and fitted with new harnesses plus new silver bells around their necks. These bells are tuned to a perfect, harmonious pitch. You should go outside tonight and see if you can hear the bells...If you do, you know I'm coming!

The Silver Streak sleigh is very bright because it is lined with hundreds of red LED lights – new this year are two 10-million candle power headlights – one green (on the left), one blue (on the right), and with reindeer Rudolph leading the way with his red-glowing-nose we have to be the absolutely most colorful sight streaking across the sky tonight!

With me are Elf Vizz, McPhee, LePhant, Noelstra, Emmup. And of course up front with me is Elf McCandles – she’s in charge of checking all the deliveries and she’s also carrying the big bag of magic snow crystals. We use this magic snow when we must land on rooftops that don’t have snow.

While you are waiting for me to show up you can go to my Official Christmas Website at http://www.merry-christmas.com/!

Please keep me and your families in your prayers, be good  - and Merry-Christmas everybody!


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